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The largest wholesale fabric retailer in the region

All the keywords related to use and properties of fabrics lead to Textil Company. It is not just the abundance of textures, colours and patterns that can be found in the largest wholesale centre in the region, but also access to contemporary materials which concentrate all available knowledge and skills related to fabrics. The Company offers a plethora of fashion fabrics for female, male, and children’s collections categorized by the four seasons: spring/summer and autumn/winter. Textil fabrics are essential part of all global fashion brands, European and global standards and quality. Beside seasonal fabrics, there is a large quantity of base fabrics from cotton, viscose, linen, silk and polyamides.Think base fabrics, such as cotton, caper, wool, silk, flax, knitted fabrics, viscose, polyester, stretch satin, plush and velvet, leather, Jacquard, eco-fur, plastic, denim, etc. And then think functional fabrics, sportswear fabrics, coat fabrics, velour, boucle, voile, flannel, viscose, lycra, lace, muslin, satin, fleece, tulle, etc. And you can find all of these fabrics at Textil.

Textil Company is linked to almost all segments of production, distribution or use of fabrics. Its uniqueness lies in its dedication to following trends, fashion consulting, and investing in design.

If the length of fabrics that the Company had sold in the last 5 years could be stitched together in a continuous line, it would cover the length between Belgrade and New York.

At the very top of the Textil building in Užice, there is a design studio. It knows the language of fashion trends and it is equipped with the best tools for projecting trends, both commercial ones and slightly more avantguard. The collections are made according to the latest tendencies and needs of fashion houses, designers and other clients. The studio creates special offers for each client, taking into account the presence of special designs and features in competing markets.

The history of this family business goes back to early 30s, and its name and final identity as a textile retailer was launched in 1991.

Just a few years after that, Textil opened its depot in Belgrade, and soon after that its office in China. Young and creative team leads the company toward continuing growth and clear dedication to modern design approach, which has resulted in the construction of Textil corporate headquarters in 2007, which was acknowledged by the Architectural Salon and awarded the best architectural achievement award by the Chamber of Architecture.

As a leader in creating textile concepts, Textil was the first and only company to specially select its fabric collections for ensuing seasons, as well as fabric collections for its clients.

In 2015, Textil passed the international scrutiny and showed a continuing trend as the most successful company in Europe and Serbia – its credit rating in 2014 was A, while in 2015 it jumped to AA credit rating. Textil is a modern company based on optimism, which continues to invest in its employees, and believes this is the only way to progress. This is why it provides its employees with various personal and professional advancement workshops (NLP, life couching, yoga).

The Company bears the international licence certificate of Dun & Bradstreet.

Today, Textil is synonymous with following trends and most well-known fashion fairs and in-depth understanding of fabrics.

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Textil - About us