Budislava Krnojevac Kekovic – Textil Designer Award

Textil Company has been a partner of Belgrade Fashion Week for years, and yet again it awarded the Textil Designer Award for best young designer. The award went to Budislava Krnojevac Keković for her collection Magnification.

Life under excessive circumstances – of great discoveries, great achievements, great conflicts, exaggerated and under scrutiny. Hunger for great, even greater?! The collection focuses on individual segments of a piece, their magnification, and creation of new pieces and combinations. Do we break the balance by magnifying certain elements or do we bring new balance to it?! Like her previous collections, Budislava keeps the colours monochromatic, sticks to basic cuts, the simplest geometric forms, which are twisted and folded and brought to new light. The fabric is natural cotton, black and white, and several printed pieces of over-seized geometric designs. Custom made enlarged buttons and an exaggerated headpiece are elements linking all models and they are used to emphasize the basic line of this collection. 

On choosing the fabrics for the next collection at the Textil studio, Budislava says:

The choice of fabrics for the collection represents the moment of decision in which the idea begins to materialize and ultimately sees the light of day. When I design, I start with a general idea about the toughness or softness, wrinkles, patterns… Since I usually design monochromatic, black and white pieces, it is important for me to have lots of choices. Textil Užice Studio provided me with a great collection of fabric samples, which gave me time to focus on the sketches, and at the same time make a thorough selection of fabrics and decide which ones would be best suited to materialize my idea. A vast selection of fabrics offers unlimited number of possibilities. The great thing about it is I can get all the information I need in one place and this makes the process of materialization much easier. The fabrics I decide on are available to work with in the next couple of days. To me, collaboration with Textil offered the utmost professionalism which I strive towards in all aspects of fashion design and gave me a greater reason to believe Serbia can also be a place where a designer can receive quality support. I am extremely glad we saw eye to eye and that Textil has decided to give me the Best Designer Award. To me it just shows that the Company is still keeping an eye on the Serbian fashion scene and that it will always be there for designers. Thank you!

Textil Company still recognizes who needs to be given a chance when needed and thus it encourages young talent. The Company develops strong partnerships with its clients and puts a strong emphasis on client satisfaction.

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Textil - Budislava Krnojevac Kekovic – Textil Designer Award