Textil & Belgrade Fashion Week

Belgrade Fashion Week is a huge commercial and cultural event which aims to promote fashion in the Balkans. It was established in 1996 and, like many other similar events around the world, it had since been held biannually, in October and March. We realized more than 10 years ago that fashion is inseparable from fabrics and that the Belgrade Fashion Week was the right place for Textil Company to communicate with the fashion community. That is why for 10 years we have been the proud partner of the Belgrade Fashion Week where together with its organizers we paid close attention to the local fashion scene. By following new, young talents to come, we provided them with support and helped them in their development. Textil awards the Textil Designer Award to the best designer and provides fabrics for their future collections. Textil funzine, Textil Company’s periodical, follows each fashion week and its purpose is to show upcoming fashion trends and promote young designers and company’s collaborators. Always one step closer to the future than the present, Textil brings freshness, opens new possibilities and encourages people to boldly dream the unimaginable.

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Textil - Textil & Belgrade Fashion Week