Autumn Winter 2019-20

The trends bring the future to the present. The whole fashion world is following and listening to where the tendencies hinted at the previous autumn, carried into spring, and interpreted through the winter will lead in the future season. It is clear the future is constantly recycling the past, it it is being called upon and re-interpreted over and over again. 

The experts of Textil Design Studio are well-acquainted with the present, they are listening to clear messages and mysterious signs, they are cunning and in-the-now, they are guided by knowledge and intuition and visit all the fashion fairs from Shanghai to Paris. They keenly follow the coming trends, from high-fashion to retail, from all meridians, in order to be sure what will be worn in the autumn/winter 2019 season and pass it on to you.

For several seasons now, the lace has proved to be much more versatile than a mere wedding-gown fabric. Oh, no! Used properly, lace can be made into a beautiful dress, ranging from sweet to vamp. 

We have found a great assortment of POWER PUFF fabrics for the following season. For several seasons they have become the favorite winter trend. Single-colored flashy colors, metallic shine, decently striped or completely insane checkered patterns, the choice is yours.

This is the season of an overall vintage renaissance and the flowers are in full bloom. Some on wallpapers, some on grandmother’s furniture covers, only more colorful. The prints are full of details and are absolutely suited to this trend. 

The classic working suit will still remain an important piece of clothing which will be worn in the following autumn/winter 2018/19 season. It seems the consumers are looking more and more for designer solutions that do not last only for one season, but for life. These are classic fashion items that can be more or less stylized, depending on the accessories. 

The checkered pattern is another classic fashion icon which is seeing its come-back. Apart from the ever-present Burberry items, there are a lot of new interpretations. The lines are simple, but there are novelties in their use: they can be diagonal, combined with “ill-fitting” various checkered samples or on unexpected articles of clothing such as a parka.

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Textil - Autumn Winter 2019-20