Color as cure / Colors of SS 19

Did you know colors are used for treatment in holistic medicine? They create a balance and can heal the whole system of the human organism. And they can do this because this system is not only comprised of the physical body, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of it.

Colorpuncture and Samassati therapy use colored lights on acupressure points, chakras and auras, as well as various reflex zones in a similar way acupressure and Shiatsu do.

It is just one of the variations of therapeutic use of colors, which also include the use of colored silk (over chakra points), colored stones, but also natural fabrics, such as cotton and wool, which also contain healing vibrations. Overall, silk has the greatest frequency of any natural fabric.

Hydro color therapy combines both color and water and uses it very effectively to transfer color both onto and into the physical body. Water itself is already a highly powerful transmitter of energy, making it the perfect choice for transferring the energy of colors into the body.

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Textil - Color as cure / Colors of SS 19