Key trend autumn/winter 2017-18

Mainly associated with classiness, and can be applied to both daytime and evening creations. Velvet is simply trendy. And it has a tendency to be even more trendy. Compared with velvet we know from the past, its modern interpretation is somewhat richer. Of course, according to the needs and tastes of the season, its application is suitable for both daytime and evening occasions. It is enough to add ornaments or plush-based applications to convert a classic piece of clothing into a modern luxury.

Sparkling fabrics
Nothing is more justified than putting on shiny and shimmering surfaces during short winter days. Luckily, all types of shiny clothes remain a key fashion trend in autumn/winter collections throughout all fashion weeks. The fabrics and details such as metallic foil, glitter, and lurex are applied literally from head to toe. This winter glamourous look brings a dramatic atmosphere and good mood during the cold seasons.

Animal prints
Eccentrics from all around the world can finally rejoice. This fashion trend finally makes a rule of a trend so far reserved only for the brave and those seeking attention. A bona fide leopard print is back on the runways of Milan and Paris for autumn/winter 2017-18. Designers have taken animal prints in all clothing categories, and they especially sit well on jackets and coats making them look exotic. Variations of over-sized animal prints were inspired by many animal species. It is interesting these prints also come in a variety of textiles, from knitted ones, to velour, and eco-fur.

Vintage vamp
If you’re all about simplicity and modesty, it is best you slept through the following autumn/winter 2017-18 season. The lively, flickering colours and ostentatious fabrics are joined by equally decadent floral patterns. Bringing an extremely vintage atmosphere, these florals add a nostalgic quality to modern styles. And both as a print and a motif, this floral world is characterized by commercial longevity, due to the combinations of colours and fabrics.

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Textil - Key trend autumn/winter 2017-18