Leading forms AW 17-18

Let’s for a minute think the unthinkable. Let’s mix red and pink, Madonna and primadonna, Australia and Kamchatka. The moment has come when the most notable trend is combining two extreme trends. When it comes to female clothing for the next season, it is the bonding of formal and everyday look, minimalist and maximalist, unexpected links that add a new dimension to the feminine figure and style.

The goal is, of course, to reach the feeling of refined luxury. The winning formula for this season is a minimalist silhouette and maximalist attitude. Think oversized details, intense patterns and luxurious fabrics. All on a clean-lined silhouette. The starting points of design were casual and comfortable, and were later given warmth and practicality. The feminine form is present, but its softness is accompanied by very sharp edges. There are deep V-necks, A-line silhouettes, and focus on the waistline as key obsession. Remember – details are important! And they are generally big enough to make them impossible not to notice. The length and cuts, exaggerated pockets and details, details, details! The borders between casual and formal begin to blur: everyday clothing articles such as a bathrobe or a simple dress are redesigned with lavish lace and plush, which makes them perfect for both daytime and evening occasions.

This coat embodies a key message of the season comfortable luxury wear, mixing comfort and surprising combinations. The silhouette is covered in lavish plush, which elevates this piece into the zone of comfortable luxury wear. And the magic of the selected fabric becomes apparent!

Sport and lace? Sounds like you misheard. However, the sporty lace dress is already a must-have. The A-line form makes it suitable for both daytime activities and evening occasions. When a highly popular lace is accompanied by a zipper as a detail you get an unexpected sporty look.

Medium-sized plush skirt is always an essential part of any season. A plush skirt is that piece of clothing which you must have all year round. This autumn and winter it is important they are medium length and made of lighter fabrics such as silk, chiffon and tuft. Special effects are accomplished by printed silk or other printed fabrics, such as rainbow-coloured surfaces. This forever wanted piece of clothing can be found in asymmetrical and multi-layered variations, and offers a possibility of endless combinations for both daytime and evening occasions.

This form as a recurring trend can leave you dumbfounded, but in fact the flattering raised waistline and bell-shaped trouser legs make these trousers perfect for formal occasions. This season, the cut is not so wide, which is an improvement compared to the previous season when it was much wider and inspired by the 70s.

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Textil - Leading forms AW 17-18