Materia(l) and form

Between the physical and abstract

We present the work of Aleksandar Pavlovic, art historian and conceptual photographer. In cooperation with Textil company, Aleksandar photographed over a hundred different samples of textiles, viewing them in a completely new way. The following is an excerpt from a text in which Aleksandar describes his work and collaboration with Textil.

In front of me was an artistic path covered and enveloped in textile. To me, the materials became the new language of artistic expression. A new world was in the making viewed through the prism of my personal experience, previous insights and gained artistic (photographic) practice.

The materials are more than just a suit of armor that we put on ourselves, i.e. their purpose isn’t just practical and esthetic, but also what we add to it through our personal and physical experience.

The ritual of putting clothes on oneself shows a wide spectrum of emotions in different people. Each article of clothing (which can be used not just for clothing) is a product of processing of raw materials, which, as such, in the initial stages of processing, require a special studying treatment, before we even begin to marvel at their use. My photographs show the potential of materials valued as an inexhaustible source of further study and an enriched visual medium.

Over a hundred different samples of textiles, single-colored and printed, and structurally defined, are the building blocks of my artistic concept.

The very need to make them more beautiful and to stand out more, as well as their practical application, makes one not even notice they are being sucked into the world of fabrics. Who even remembers that part of our lives before they started dressing us up? Thus, a layered abstract world is created, in which nothing is accidental, and I have made it the way I wanted it, as much as I could, alive and stable.

The colors, lines and shapes of authentic visual compositions move the boundaries of our perception and create a new impression of that which we (don’t) know.

Aleksandar Pavlović (1990, Užice) is a graduated art historian and conceptual photographer. For the past several years, he explored the world of art and photography, both theoretically and practically. He has had several solo and group exhibitions, both locally and abroad. He has written a number of publications and received several awards for his work. (@aleksandart_photography)

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Textil - Materia(l) and form