Mustard Must!

Ah the trends! All of a sudden, the bright yellows have become too aggressive. The dominant neon and lemon yellow, as well as pastel shades that colored the previous seasons, suddenly came to be overshadowed by mustard yellow, which not only became the ideal summer color, but the ideal autumn color as well.

Fabrics: Štof V Prada / Štof P Zarina

Tracksuits, cable knit jumpers, turtlenecks, pleated skirts, everything looks better when you dip it in Dijon. Although the mustard has become the absolute trend, other shades of yellow that are not as bright as the classical have also begun to dominate this season. The brilliant golden yellows, warm caramel and opulent rust have exploded onto the runways with such designers as Roksanda and Altuzarra, and they are not planning on leaving any time soon.

Fabrics: Košuljar S Bubble / Futer TT-100 Likra

It is conspicuous and bold, yet not flashy, it is sexy and classic, emerging somewhere from the bottom of a forgotten palette, and can be worn both in the office and on a night out.

Fabrics: Košuljar Vis Chalis Prt / JQD Knit S Leroy

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Textil - Mustard Must!