Trends SS 2019

And just as PANTONE announced, the color purple has become a hit in 2018, which means we can expect the spring of 2019 to explode in every imaginable shade of purple. Our favorite is lavender, and all its tones, because France is our most precious destination. So, let there be Lilas!

Classic graphic motifs such as spots or lines are always trendy, especially in the coming spring/summer season, when the favorite Navy style prevails. Still, in the forthcoming eclectic season, there will be lots of tartan, combined with various other graphic motifs. Their slogan is “we want it all, and we want lots of it”!

Against the harsh backdrop of strong graphics and eclecticism of trendy “fine” fabrics such as lace, whose versatile structure will permeate the winter season, throughout the following spring and summer, lace can become so much more than a regular gown. You can make a shorts out of it, and, oh yeah, Textil knows how to do it.

Fashion experts have already said it a couple of seasons ago. The public was in disbelief… But, we all well know that the Trend Oracle is never wrong. Metalique is on every collector’s piece, from puffed-up jackets for the winter to long golden gowns for the gala and silver party shorts for the summer. There are several good examples of well-used metalique fabrics in some of the collections from the Belgrade Fashion Week.

Luxurious, more luxurious, Neo Lux. Delicate lace combined with sequins or feathers on a transparent surface. Ask Textil Design Studio how to do it.

A general renaissance of sampling has conquered the floral prints as well. From Japanese minimalist patterns to the vintage style of your grandmother’s living room. Visit us at our main office in Uzice or our Belgrade office so we can sniff out the coming trends of the spring/summer 2019 season.

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Textil - Trends SS 2019