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3 winter fabrics for every collection

3 winter fabrics for every collection

Author: Textil 08/11/2021 2min
3 winter fabrics for every collection

What makes a fabric indispensable or a "must have" in the collections of every leading world-class brand?

Well, the answer isn't so hard - attractive look, quality, and sustainability.  Now that winter is at our doorstep and we, most probably need a new coat or jacket, Textil presents you the most popular fabrics which we can find in the collections of all the world-class brands. When it comes to winter collections, these three Musketeers definitely definitely play a leading role:

Coating  velour:

Winter coat fabric of higher weight . This warm material is  perfect for your next outerwear project:  fancy coats or everyday  coats, as well as autumn and winter jackets, trench coats and suits. Elegant, smooth, velvety, and very pleasant to the touch. Its dense weaving gives it protective properties and makes it ideal for rainy or snowy weather. Extremely resistant to ripping, stretching, and shrinking.

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 Mango                                                           Zara                                                 H&M   

Quilted raincoats:

Indispensable fabrics for long or short jackets, vests, and coats! On cold winter days, warmth and comfort come first, but at the same time, you would like to follow latest fashion trends? Quilted raincoats are the right solution for you, waterproof and padded to provide extra heat.

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 Zara                                                             Mango                                                              H&M   

Checkered bouclé:

The fabric that all fashionistas have gone mad for - checkered woolen bouclés! Gentle, soft and warm, with tactile herringbone structures. Comfortable to wear throughout the day. Follow trends in style - turn this comfortable material into a overshirts, vest, light coat or jacket.

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 H&M                                                                Zara                                                  Mango