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Dear customers,

Before starting the purchase process through the Textil B2B platform www.textilue.rs , it is necessary to carefully read the "Terms of Use", and get acquainted with the rights and obligations arising from it. This website is designed and edited by Textil doo with its registered office at Banjička bb, 31000 Užice, Registration number: 07708181, TIN: 100598795.

Textil doo reserves the right to make changes and amendments to these Terms of Use without prior notice. These Terms of Use prescribe the terms and conditions that apply to the use of the website by Customers.

Quality Guarantee

Textil doo guarantees the quality of its products, confirmed by the Wool Institute "Vunil" Leskovac. In case you have a complaint about the purchased goods, you need to fill out a Complaint Request.

Product prices

All prices on the site are WITHOUT VAT and are expressed in EUR. The price of the item is the official price valid on the day of the order and is calculated at the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the day of issuing the proforma invoice. Textil doo has the right to correct the purchase order by sending an e-mail notification to the buyer if there was an error when setting the price on the site.

Depending on the status in Textile, each buyer has their own price list.

Availability and display of items

We strive to be as accurate as possible in the product description, image display and prices. However, we cannot guarantee that all information is complete and error-free. All items displayed on the site are part of our offer; yet, it does not imply that they are available at all times.

The colours displayed on the site may differ from the actual ones depending on the device on which they are viewed.

Working hours

The working hours of the online support and Call Centre are: Monday-Friday from 07:30 to 15:00; Saturday from 09:00 to 14:00. The Textil B2B platform is available 00-24h, 7 days a week. In case of technical problems or during regular maintenance, the site may be unavailable for a short period of time, about which you will be notified.

Privacy Statement

On behalf of the Textil B2B platform, we are committed to protecting the privacy of all our buyers.

We collect only the necessary, basic customer data as well as data necessary for business and informing users in accordance with good business practices and in order to provide quality service.

Our customers are given a choice including the ability to decide whether or not they want to be deleted from the mailing lists used for marketing campaigns. All customer data are safely kept, being available only to employees who need such information to perform the tasks. All employees of Textil doo are obliged to respect the principles of privacy protection.

By registering on the site, you give permission that Textil doo can send you notifications about news in the company to your e-mail address or phone. With the help of this information, we are able to deliver the desired goods to you, as well as to inform you about the current status of your order.


By submitting a request for access and purchase through the Textil B2B platform, the buyer agrees with the "Terms of Use" and all articles of the Purchase Agreement.

Applying for registration on the Textil B2B platform is done through the options "My panel" and "Create account". It is necessary to fill in all required fields and click on "Create account".

After submitting the request for registration on the Textil B2B platform, the customer receives an e-mail notification that his request will be considered. The customer is notified of the approval to use the Textil B2B platform. The e-mail address that was registered first automatically receives administrator rights for the company, ie TIN for which registration is required. The customer within his company (TIN) can have an unlimited number of users who will be able to perform review and delivery on the Textil B2B platform. The customer can request Textile to open a new account in case his TIN has already been registered in Textile. Administration and addition of new users is done through the option "My panel" - "User administration". For each user we can choose one (1) of the three access rights to the site.

Designer - an account that can view all items, create Wish lists, but does not have the permission to create orders and goods delivery.

Designer and procurement - an account that has all the rights as the above along with the possibility of creating orders and delivery of goods.

Administrator - has all the rights as a seller in Textil and can administer users within his company (TIN).

The password for each user is set by selecting the option "Forgot your password?" on the first login and entering the e-mail registered on the site. After that, a link to the entered e-mail is received and by clicking on it, an option for entering a password is obtained. This allows that only the user can know his password to access the Textil B2B platform.

Login to the platform

The customer logs in to the platform under the option "My panel" - "Login" by entering a pre-registered e-mail and password.


The buyer orders the goods by adding the desired items to the cart. After selecting the item, the buyer can arrange the quantities and the required deadline for the reservation of goods, which is defined by the Terms of Use and the Sales Agreement. The buyer is obliged to enter the season for which he will use the purchased goods.

After the order is sent, the buyer receives an e-mail confirming that the order is being processed. After processing the order, the buyer receives a confirmation on the goods reservation. The quantity of goods on the reservation may differ from the quantity sent by the buyer through the order due to the availability of items or the size of the roll. In case that the reserved quantity differs from the required quantity by +/- 10%, the employee of Textil doo will contact the buyer to offer him a suitable replacement product or other conditions for ordering the item.

Reservation of goods

Active buyers have the right to reservation of goods. The duration of the reservation is a maximum of thirty (30) days depending on the previous agreement and the buyer's status in Textile.

The buyer receives the information three (3) days before the reservation expires. The day after the reservation is expired, the goods are delivered to the buyer, unless there is a different agreement between the buyer and the seller. The seller also takes care of the buyer's reservations.


Textil doo is obliged to keep the goods reservation for the buyer for a maximum of 3 (three) days from the creation of the reservation or until the date agreed in advance with the buyer.

The buyer who orders the goods for the first time receives a pro forma invoice by e-mail before delivery, containing the amount that needs to be paid in order for the goods to be delivered. The validity of the pro forma invoice is three (3) days from the date of its receipt by e-mail. After the payment is recorded in our system, the goods are prepared to be sent to the buyer. The value of the invoice may differ from the value of the pro forma invoice if a larger or smaller quantity of ordered items is set off, all depending on the size or weight of the roll. The buyer is obliged to pay the difference or request a refund within three (3) days from the arrival of the goods and the invoice. The goods are sent by express mail (City Express) or otherwise depending on the agreement between the buyer and the seller. Delivery costs are borne by the buyer. Textil doo bears the costs of sending the goods in relation to the status of the buyer and the previous agreement with the buyer.

Active buyers, customers who have their reservations in Textile, can request the delivery of previously reserved goods. Through "My Panel", the customer can request the delivery of certain goods or part of the goods reserved for him. In the “Goods for delivery” panel, the buyer can select goods and check for delivery. After that, the buyer can manage the quantity, ie enter the quantity for delivery not larger than the remaining quantity for delivery. The deadline for preparing items for shipping is 2 to 5 business days. This deadline can be shifted in relation to the required quantity and scope of delivery. Any possible shift of the delivery is done upon agreement and notification of the buyer. In case the value of the requested delivery to the buyer exceeds the value of the approved loan, the buyer receives the information and the sending of the goods will be delayed immediately.

The buyer undertakes to enter the delivery address and contact person in the note, or enter information that the delivery address is the same as the address of the registered company (TIN).

Deadline for setting off ordered goods

After your order is confirmed, it is systematically forwarded to the service of the Textil B2B platform, while the confirmation of the order receipt is sent to your specified e-mail. If the order is available, we notify you by email. After that, your ordered goods will be ready for shipment within 2 (two) to 5 (five) working days. Otherwise, as there is a possibility that, due to the great interest and demand for the item in your cart, the desired item is not available due to its limited stock, you will be notified about it.


The ordered goods will be ready for shipment within 2 (two) to 5 (five) working days. Delivery is made exclusively by the courier service City Express on weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00.

The courier tries to deliver each parcel twice. Usually, if you are not at the address, you receive a text message to the phone number you left when ordering with the contact of the local courier who has your parcel in order to arrange a new delivery pick-up. If you are not at the address even then, the parcel will be returned to us.

When picking up the parcel, make sure to check your package in the presence of the courier. If there is visible damage on it (torn or dirty parts), you should not pick up the package. In this case, please make a record with the courier about the observed shortcomings and call us at +381 64 8270 583 or contact us by e-mail at [email protected] to state the reason why you refused to pick up the package. We will inform you as soon as possible about further action. If you receive the parcel and after opening the package find that the delivered goods do not match the ordered or the information on the invoice is not appropriate, please inform us as soon as possible and no later than 7 working days from the date of receipt by filling in the Complaint form. We will inform you as soon as possible about further action.


Delivery by courier service is currently possible only on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

For deliveries outside the Republic of Serbia, it is necessary to contact the seller.

Methods of payment

Payment for purchased items can only be made by payment to one of the following accounts:

Intesa banka 160-8752-10

OTP banka    325-9500500000584-93   

Sberbank       285-2101000000126-58


Textil D.O.O.
Banjička bb 31 000 Užice

TIN: 100598795

RN: 07708181

For buyers from abroad, foreign exchange instructions are:

32A: value date, currency, amount  EUR

57A: beneficiarys bank                   OTP banka Srbija akcionarsko društvo Novi Sad

                                                            Trg slobode 5-7

                                                            21000 Novi Sad, Serbia

                                                            SWIFT Adress: OTPVRS22

59: beneficiary                                 RS35325960150000058570

                                                            DOO TEXTIL UZICE

                                                            BANJICKA BB

                                                            31103 UZICE


54A: correspondent bank in EUR    SOCIETE GENERALE BANK, PARIS



Or                                                        COMMERZBANK AG


Or                                                        DEUTSCHE BANK AG


Or                                                        OTP BANK LTD. BUDAPEST



Depending on their status in Textile, certain buyers have the right to see the Preorder offer. Preorder offer means that the goods are in the ordering phase with the manufacturer or on the way from the manufacturer to Textile. The buyer gets an approximate date when we expect the goods to arrive at Textile's warehouse. Textile reserves the right to change the date of arrival. Goods reserved through Preorder can be tracked through arrival statuses and the buyer has the option to view them through "My panel" - "View orders" - "Preorders". After the goods arrive in stock, all reserved goods from the "Preorders" are transferred to the "Goods for delivery" section.

Wish list

Every visitor of the Textil B2B platform has the opportunity to add items to the Wish list. Wish lists serve as a reminder or as a customer’s wish list. The wish list can be saved, forwarded to the e-mail (as a link) or transferred to the cart. The user can manage their wish lists within their company. An administrator and seller can manage and view Wish lists of other users within a single company (TIN).


In accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection, purchases through our Textil B2B platform are considered distance selling. The customer has the right to withdraw from the distance contract within 14 days from the day of the product delivery, without stating the reasons and with no additional costs, except for costs from Articles 34 and 35 of the Law on Consumer Protection "Official Gazette of RS", no. 62/2014 and 6/2016 - other law). By unilateral termination of the contract, the buyer is released from contractual obligations, except for the direct costs of returning the goods. In case of withdrawal from the contract, the customer is entitled to a refund. The amount paid for goods will be returned to the buyer after the goods are returned to the trader. The trader has the right to refuse a refund if he finds that the goods are not in good condition due to inadequate or improper handling by the buyer.

When returning the goods, it is necessary to return them in good condition, unused, with our marks and in the original packaging. The buyer is obliged to return the goods to the trader or a person authorized by the trader, without delay, and no later than 14 days from the day of receiving the goods. The goods will be considered returned timely provided that the buyer sends them before the expiration of the above mentioned period of 14 days.

The costs of returning the goods and money are borne exclusively by the buyer, except in cases when the buyer receives defective or wrong goods from the trader.

The data entered by the buyer in the Form on withdrawal from the distance contract are used exclusively for the purpose of recording changes in the turnover of goods and the trader shall not use them for other purposes.

Steps when canceling a purchase (14 days from the date of receipt of the item)

1. The procedure of the cancellation of purchase begins by sending an e-mail on the withdrawal from the distance sales contract to the e-mail [email protected] and filling in the request - Withdrawal from the sales contract

2. The next step is to call the Customer Support Service at: +381 64 64 535. You are required to have your order number ready before calling the customer support.

3. Send the form you filled in together with the item you are returning.

4. The item you are returning shall be returned exclusively via the City Express courier service. You can call the courier service by dialing +381 11 3093 000 on working days from 09:00 to 17:00 and arrange taking up the parcel.

The goods are to be sent with the indication: Textil doo, Banjička doo, 31000 Užice.

Note: The item you are returning has to be adequately packed and secured by you.

Upon receipt of the product, it will be determined whether it is in good condition and undamaged. If it is determined that the goods have been returned in good condition, the amount paid by the buyer under the contract will be returned no later than 14 days from the day of the receipt of the product returned. In the event that the product returned to the trader is damaged or in a defective condition, it shall be considered the sole responsibility of the the buyer, so the trader will refuse to return the money and the item will be returned to the buyer at his expense.

You can download the Distance Sales Contract here.



Art 1

Textil doo uses this Rulebook to determin the manner, conditions and procedures for resolving customers’ complaints due to defects in the purchased item through the Textil B2B platform as well as the authorizations, obligations and responsibilities of the Trader regarding the exercise of customers’ rights to complaint.

Art 2

The buyer, in terms of this Rulebook, is any legal entity that buys items for the needs of its business through the Textil B2B platform

Art 3

The buyer has the right to file a complaint to the purchased item within 14 days from the date of purchase. Upon expiration of the deadline referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, the buyer loses the right to file a complaint.

Art 4

You can fill out a complaint form here.

When submitting a request for a complaint, the buyer is obliged to:

- state the reasons for the complaint in the request form as well as the desired way of resolving it

- submit an invoice for the returning item at the same price at which the item was purchased. The returned item shall be sent together with the invoice.

Art 5

The buyer has no right to complain if:

- he missed the deadline for filing out a complaint request set out in Article 3 of this Rulebook;

- a defect in the purchased product was caused by his fault or the fault of others;

Art 6

The validity of the request for a complaint is determined by the authorized employee, and the Buyer is notified about it no later than 8 days from the date of receipt.

Art 7

In case the complaint is valid and accepted by Textil doo, the Buyer has the right at his own choice to:

- replacement of the purchased damaged material with new undamaged material;

- refund of the price paid according to the enclosed invoice;

The Trader undertakes to resolve the issue of the Buyer within 14 days, depending on the nature of the complaint (replace the item / return the amount of the price paid per invoice).


Art 8

If after taking over the goods you find out that the item does not suit you or for any other reason you want to replace it with another, you have the right to replace the purchased and unused item within 14 days from the date of its receipt.

Art 9

If you purchased the item through the Textil B2B platform, you can replace it only through the same www.textilue.rs in the following way:

Fill in and send the Complaint and Replacement Form to [email protected] or contact us at +381 64 6453535 where you will receive detailed instructions. Fill in the replacement form here.

The item cannot be changed if it has been used or treated.

You can request a replacement within 14 days of the day you received it.

In case of replacement of goods, the Buyer shall bear the cost of transporting the item to the warehouse of Textile doo and back, provided that the Buyer has ordered the wrong item.

If the wrong item is delivered by Textil doo, the entire cost of transporting the replacement item shall be borne by Textil doo and the goods are returned exclusively by express mail City express.

The address for returning the item is Textil doo, Banjička bb, 31000 Užice. The ordered item cannot be replaced on the Buyer’s own initiative without prior contact with the operators of the Textil B2B platform.

Textil doo shall make the replacement within 8 working days from the day of receipt of the item.

Art 10

When replacing an item, the buyer is obliged to send an invoice for the item he is changing when returning it.

Art 11

This Rulebook shall enter into force on the day of their adoption.



Textil doo Užice (hereinafter: Textil doo) hereby informs you as a user of the Textil B2B platform www.textilue.rs (hereinafter: Textil B2B platform) about all important issues related to the processing of personal data, their protection and the rights you have on that basis, and in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection, Official Gazette of RS ", no. 87/2018 (hereinafter: LPDP).

Meaning of the term "personal data"

In accordance with the LPDP, “personal data” (hereinafter: personal data or personal information) is any data relating to a natural person whose identity is determined or can be identified, directly or indirectly, especially on the basis of an identity mark, such as the name and identification number, location data, identifiers in electronic communication networks or one or more features of his physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural and social identity.


Your personal data are collected and managed by:

Textil doo Užice

Banjička bb

31 000 Užice

RN: 07708181

TIN: 100598795

Email: [email protected]

Type of personal data and manner of their processing

Generally, we collect only the data that you voluntarily give us and that are necessary to achieve the purpose of processing.

Exceptions may be the data that we collect using "cookies" and other tracking technologies (Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel).

Depending on the purpose of the intended processing, the personal data we process include the following data: name, surname, data on your transactions (payment, purchase, order, product return, etc.), contact information, landline or mobile phone number, email address, home address, ie address for delivery of items).

We collect and process data through our Textil B2B platform www.textilue.rs on the social networks "Facebook" and "Instagram" and when exchanging items, withdrawing from contracts, and filing complaints.

The purpose of processing your personal data

Textil doo collects and processes your personal data for the following purposes:

managing your registration as a user of the Textil B2B platform;

execution of the sales contract;

resolving your requests (replacement of items, withdrawal from the sales contract, advertising);

providing information on items from the sales range of Textil doo; and

improving our services.

In case that you provide us with the personal data of third parties, you guarantee that you have informed them about the use of their personal data. In the event that you have purchased an item, the personal data of third parties that you have given us will be used solely for the purpose of delivering and resolving inquiries or suggestions that you or a third party may have.

Legal basis for the processing of your personal data

Depending on the purpose of collecting and processing, the legal basis for the processing of your personal data may be your approval (consent), execution of the contract or service you requested, compliance with legal regulations requiring the processing of your personal data or legitimate (justified) interests of Textil doo (processing for the purpose of managing and maintaining a contractual relationship with you, responding to your special requests, requesting feedback from you in order to improve our Textil B2B platform and our offer, as well as undertaking other general marketing activities), unless such interests outweigh your interests and fundamental rights and freedoms, ie the interests and fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject, which require the protection of personal data, especially if the data subject is a minor.

We process your data, such as email address and username, which we collect when you register or login as a user of the Textil B2B platform, based on your consent and/or our legitimate interest.

If you register or log in as a registered user of the Textil B2B platform, the processing of your data is necessary for the purpose of managing your registration. Then, guided by our legitimate interests, we may process your personal data, considering that you have expressed interest by registering or using the Textil B2B platform for our further offers, and in that sense, we can save the list of products for which you have expressed interest or which you have bought, as well as your habits when visiting our Textil B2B platform.


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