Who we are

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Who we are

The largest wholesale fabric company in Balkan region, with 30 years of experience in the global fabrics market featuring its products and design range while combining creative and innovative structures.

All these years have brought us wisdom and insight into the industry. Our people are able to predict the latest fashion trends without error.

At Textil, you’ll find more than an abundance of textures, colors, and patterns – you’ll also find modern materials and staff with vast knowledge and repertoire of skills relating to fabrics.

We are dedicated to providing products for a sustainable future, customer service, and collaborating with producers - aiming to become a partner, rather than just a supplier or customer. We value strategic collaborations and novel and memorable inspiration. Textil is constantly looking for new ways of being socially responsible by creating environmental awareness.

You can find more than 2 million meters of available goods on stock, and 95% of our seasonal offer consists of orders from our own collection. With 46 employees and 6 departments and at least 5-7 collaborators producing for us throughout the year you will get a reliable and trustworthy partner for your business.

In April 2021 we established an online B2B shop.

Our head office is located in Užice, in Western Serbia, with branch offices in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and in Shanghai in China.


Our product

Textil’s fabrics meet European and global quality standards and are an essential part of fashion brands. Our season collections – spring/summer and autumn/winter - offer fashionable fabrics for everyone – women, men, and children. We also offer base fabrics such as cotton, viscose, linen, silk, and polyamides.

Textil is linked to almost all segments of production, distribution, or use of fabrics. Its uniqueness lies in its dedication to following trends, fashion consulting, and investing in design.

Think base fabrics, such as cotton, wool, silk, linen, knitted fabrics, viscose, polyester, stretch satin, plush and velvet, leather, jacquard, eco-fur, lace, denim, etc.

If the fabrics our company sold in the past 5 years could be stitched together in one continuous line – the length would span the distance between Belgrade and New York.

Our collections are made according to the latest tendencies and needs of fashion houses, designers, and other clients. Our studio develops special packages for every client, while also considering the influence of special designs and features in competing markets.


Textil’s story goes back to the early 1930s when it started off as a family business. It wasn’t until 1991 that the company’s final identity as a fabric retailer was established when the business took on the name – Textil.

Just a few years after that, Textil opened its depot in Belgrade, and soon after that an office in China. A young and creative team led the company towards continuous growth while taking inspiration from modern design, which gave way to the construction of Textil’s corporate headquarters in 2007. Textil’s headquarters were acknowledged by the Architectural Salon and awarded the best architectural achievement award by the Chamber of Architecture.

As a leader in creating textile concepts, Textil was the first and only company to specially select its fabric collections based on the seasons, as well as fabric collections for its clients.

Textil has been accredited with the Dun & Bradstreet international license certificate.

In 2015, under the scrutiny of international standards, Textil’s credit rating improved from an A in 2014, to an AA, demonstrating a constant trend as the most successful company of its kind in Europe and Serbia. We place optimism and human potential at the front of our company culture which is why we see investing in our employees as a means of growth. Our staff has access to both personal and professional training and workshops...

Today, Textil is synonymous with extensive knowledge of fabrics and its ability to stay on top of the latest trends and developments in the fashion industry.