Belgrade Fashion Week is a large commercial and artistic event intended for promoting fashion industry through Balkan countries. It was founded in 1996, based on the other similar events worldwide, and since then it is held in October and March every year. More than 10 years ago we figured that fashion cannot be separated from fabrics and materials, and that Belgrade Fashion Week is the right place for Textil company to start communicating with fashion society. That is why we can proudly say that Textil has been a partner of Belgrade Fashion week for past 10 years, where, hand in hand with the founders, we observe the fashion environment though the region. Watching the newly found talents closely, we offer them our support and help them grow. Textil is awarding the best designer with ‘Textil Designer Award’ and provides the materials for its collections in the future. Textil’s newsletter keeps track of every Belgrade Fashion Week to see what the trends will be for the upcoming season, promote new designers and partners of the company. Always one step closer to the future than to the present, Textil brings a certain freshness, opens up the path to new possibilities, and encourages to dream about certain things that are maybe not yet possible.