A winter jacket or a coat, what's your choice?

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Raincoats / Velour baize / Bouclé tweed

Do you think about the fabric when choosing a winter  jacket or a winter coat on cold days?

Summer won't last forever unless you live in that very part of the world, but most of us aren't so lucky!  Now is a right time to think about what fabrics and models will keep you warm and comfortable during winter’s worst.

When you have a fantastic jacket or a coat on, you could wear the simplest trousers or tracksuit and shoes you've worn all week! And if it's made of  high quality fabric, has comfortable silhouettes, is multifunctional and timeless, you're the fashion icon of the season!

The recipe for such a position in the fashion scene consists of ingredients from these 3 categories:

A combination of premium fabrics, such as quilted raincoats, velours, bouclés, and eco-faux leathers, will extend the lifespan of winter coats and jackets you'll return to from season to season. Dense weaving of velour and bouclés, or the warm padding of the raincoats, gives these fabrics protective properties and makes them ideal for rainy or snowy weather. In addition, they are extremely resistant to ripping, stretching, and shrinking, which also increases their longevity.

The oversized style is key to comfort. Structured scallop shell jackets, pre-dimensional classic coats, simple silhouettes with accented shoulders, and absence of stitches. And if they are made of luxurious winter fabrics which are soft to the touch, that can also contribute to a sense of ultimate comfort.

Prioritize function. A piece that's only aesthetically pleasing is no longer enough. These functional designs could range from reversable two-faced models to adaptive models that can be worn in many ways as they have removable details such as belts and sleeves, collars, and fur cufflinks.

We suggest creating coats and jackets that care about the rapid change in fashion and lifestyle.